Pangasinan Regency Hotel

The Pangasinan Regency Hotel is located in Calasiao, Pangasinan. This is designed to be a romantic place perfect for intimate affairs and occasions like weddings and Debuts. This hotel is further accented by their friendly staff. Food is also good and they offer buffet meals. They have fair online reviews too. If ever you are in Calasiao, you should definitely stay in this place.


Pangasinan Regency Hotel Features

  • Grand Ball Room / Function Room
  • Parking Lot
  • WIFI internet connection
  • Gym


Hotel Accommodations and Rates

Rooms have hot and cold shower, with bathtub. All rooms are carpeted and air-conditioned.  A mini bar is also available.

This is the only hotel in the town of Calasiao , you need to have a reservation if ever you are in town so you can have a place to stay.


Contact Pangasinan Regency Hotel

Address:  Judge Jose de Venecia Ave, Calasiao, 2418 Pangasinan
Contact Person:
Telephone Numbers:  (075)517-6232 ; (075) 529-1494
Mobile Phone Numbers: +63922-5597-481

Photo Gallery

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