Shaira’s Place Resort San Fabian Rates

Shaira’s Place Resort San Fabian Rates are typically in the mid level in terms of affordability. The rates are not daunting and can be categorized as affordable, but certainly not expensive. The Deluxe Rooms are priced at Php 3500 per night, and this is good for 4 persons. They also have a nice dormitory accommodation for 25 persons, a fad with barkada gimmicks for only Php 15,000.
Comparing to most resort rates of 5 start categories, Shaira’s Place Resort San Fabian Rates are definitely below the radar, but the facilities are not. This is a cozy vacation spot where family and friends can enjoy the swimming pool and the place as a whole. The swimming pool is of course a favorite among kids, is very modern and clean. The overall architecture of the palce has a modern Mediterranean appeal.
Special Shaira’s Place Resort San Fabian Rates can also be provided for special events like Wedding, debuts and other intimate events. Company activities like team building and conferences can also be afforded.

Shaira’s Place Resort San Fabian Rates and Features

The entrance fee to the Swimming pool is only Php 200.00. Guests that are checked in to Deluxe Rooms and even in the dormitory type accommodation have the following amenities included in the accommodation fees:

  • Swimming pool
  • WIFI internet
  • Grill Area
  • Kitchen
  • Tables and Chairs

These are the other features of the resort:

  • Adult Swimming Pool
  • Kids’ Pool
  • Gazebo
  • KTV
  • Access San Fabian Beach
  • Air-conditioned rooms

For the online reviews, there are not so many available. Maybe this is a new resort yet to make its mark on the radar of most. This is however a very place to stay in San Fabian and is slowly becoming a favorite among locals.

Shaira's Place Resort San Fabian Rates shaira'splaceresort1 Shaira's Place Resort San Fabian Rates

Contact Shaira’s Place Resort

Address:  Nibaliw West, San Fabian, Pangasinan
Contact Person:
Telephone Numbers: 
Mobile Phone Numbers: Smart – 0918-991-0373  Sun – 0925-872-8567 / 09228-161-790

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