The Waverunner Beach Resort Rates

The Waverunner Beach Resort Rates are generally cheaper than those fancy beach resorts in the Philippines. The beach has a wide area and there are a lot of activities to be done. There are suites and cottages available. The coconut trees in the area are very nice and gives you the tropical vibe. This resort is located in San Fabian Beach and offers some facilities for you to enjoy.

The suites have 3 rooms and furnished for visitors to enjoy. There are also 8 cottages in the resort for the day trippers.

Waverunner Beach Resort ratings across the web:

Google: NA

Facebook: 4 / 5

Tripadvisor: NA NA

Agoda: NA


General Facilities
• Function halls
• Cottage and suites
• Showers
• Comfort Rooms

• Videoke Hut

Waverunner Beach Resort Rates and Accommodations

8 Cottages in the resort- These cottages are great for beach day trip where groups can enjoy a quick getaway.

4 cottages on the beach – these are great for groups who want to spend their whole day right by the beach.

Contact Waverunner Beach Resort

Address:  San Fabian, Pangasinan
Contact Person:
Telephone Numbers:  (075) 524-8354, (075) 511-3516
Mobile Phone Numbers:  (+63) 906-342-8692

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